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5 Healthy Habits to Adopt for the New Year


5 Healthy Habits to Adopt for the New Year By Elizabeth Battaglino, CEO, Women's Health Expert, RN Happy New Year! It bears repeating, because a new year always offers an opportunity to reflect on the past and set intentions for a fresh start. And even if you're not in need of a complete fresh start, [...]

5 Healthy Habits to Adopt for the New Year2017-01-04T15:25:55-05:00

10 Natural Ways to combat period pain


Many women experience PMS period pain.  Below are just a few ways to decrease pain associated with menstruation. 1. Keep Track: Writing a symptoms diary can help. Recognize what’s going on throughout the month by noting how you feel from day to day. You can then schedule things to coincide with specific times. For example [...]

10 Natural Ways to combat period pain2016-12-07T14:29:59-05:00

The many symptoms of menopause


    5 Physical Symptoms of Menopause Every woman is different, while every woman will go through menopause each will experience it differently. There are many factors that play a role in how women experience menopause. Diet and nutrition, general health, and health care can all affect physical symptoms. Generally woman associate a lack [...]

The many symptoms of menopause2017-01-31T08:36:12-05:00