PCOS Awareness Month

All around the world, during September, women, organizations, and healthcare providers get together for events and activities to spread awareness for polycystic ovarian syndrome. The prevalence of this disease is high in the United States, affecting over 5 million women. There are many ways an individual can spread awareness and support those who need research and advancement in the field to treat PCOS. Continue reading to discover more about PCOS and what it means to spread awareness.

What is PCOS?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a health condition that affects 1 in 10 women of childbearing age. Hormonal imbalances and metabolic problems are the cause of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Women who suffer from this have a significant number of small cysts that form in the ovaries. Those who suffer from PCOS may have problems conceiving, trouble losing weight, and other problems.

Unfortunately, PCOS is a prevalent cause of infertility in women.

Other symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Missed periods, irregular periods, or very light periods
  • Ovaries with large amounts of cysts
  • Weight gain
  • Acne, oily skin, and excess body hair

Spreading awareness for PCOS will encourage more research and opportunities to help the millions of women who experience severe life changes and health ailments because of this syndrome.

How is PCOS treated?

The treatment for PCOS depends on a few factors like how severe symptoms are, age, and health status of the individual affected. Standard natural treatment methods include a change in diet (mostly known as a PCOS diet) and staying physically active to help with PCOS symptoms and their effect on women’s everyday lives.

Other forms of treatment for PCOS include interventions like hormonal birth control or progestin for women who are not expecting or attempting to become pregnant. For those planning to become pregnant, they may need to take a medication to induce ovulation to help get their periods back on track.

In addition to hormonal treatments for PCOS, many women take medications to control the symptoms caused by PCOS, like weight loss drugs. These medications can also lower insulin levels. Other symptomatic treatments include hair removal methods and even surgery to remove the polyps from the ovaries directly.

There are different severities to PCOS, and many women cope with medications, lifestyle changes, and support groups to work through the challenges that PCOS brings.  

How Can You Spread Awareness?

PCOS is well known to those who experience this diagnosis, but although it affects millions of women, there is still much research needed on the subject. Spreading awareness about PCOS, clinical trials, and women’s health contributes to spreading the word for this syndrome.

Participating in walks, events and contributing to women’s health organizations are great ways to become more educated and spread awareness for women’s reproductive and gynecological needs.

Signature GYN supports women’s health, and we provide the best gynecological services to our patients based on their needs. Health issues often arise and cause life changes, so we are supportive of our patients, and we care for their health. Spread awareness with us this month to help those who need more research done in the field by spreading knowledge about women’s health.

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