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Frequently Asked Questions for our Provider Partners

Each study we do at Signature Gyn Services is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company that is trying to complete phase II, III or IV clinical trials in order to receive FDA approval.  Often times, the studies we do may be for a medication that is already approved for one indication, but they are evaluating its efficacy and safety in another indication or population.  Other times, the medication is a novel treatment for a condition.

Each patient is pre-screened for preliminary entry criteria by a recruiter and if they meet the basic criteria, a screenign visit is scheduled. The first thing the the patient will do at the screening visit is read the consent form and have a thorough discussion about the risks and possible benefits of the study medication and about the design of the study itself (how long, how many visit, etc). During this time, patients are informed of their rights and of the voluntary nature of all research studies, throughout their participation.

NO!  When a patient does a clinical trial, the clinical trial team treats them only within the scope of the trial.  Not only are patients encouraged to continue seeing their physician to receive standard care, but many studies also require that patients continue seeing their own physician at regular intervals to maintain a baseline level of care throughout the trial.  We will also ask patients to follow-up with their physician if abnormal values are found on testing and it is not thought to be related to study treatment. 

All of our studies offer compensation to study subjects for each visit, to help reimburse them for their time and travel.  There is no cost to the patient or their insurance whatsoever for participating.  The exact amount they receive varies by study.  Studies offer patients the opportunity to receive thorough diagnostic testing (MRIs, Ultrasounds, PET Scans, blood work, EKGs to name a few) and they do not have to pay anything for that testing.  More abstractly, many patients feel a great sense of pride in helping to expand our scientific knowledge.  WIthout these patients, new drugs cannot come to market.  

Because we often will request medical records from your office during screening or consult with you if there is an adverse event, we do offer a consultation fee for those patients you refer that are successfully screened for a study. The payment varies by study. If you are interested in learning more, please see below for contact information to discuss further.

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Signature Gyn Services Women's Health Clinical Trials Research Studies Fort Worth Texas

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